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GnuPG Stories: Meik Michalke from C3S

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In this interview, Meik Michalke from C3S, a new copyright collecting society for musical works in Germany, talks about how the C3S uses GPG (since people working on the project are spread out across Germany, the C3S relies on email and as such it is important to protect the content of that email, particularly when exchanging login credentials, and it is essential to verify the authenticity of the messages as it is so easy to forge an email), why encryption is important even if you don’t have an explicit adversary (it’s a type of insurance that requires only a little bit of additional effort), what should be encrypted (everything!), the importance of authentication (it is more relevant for most people and much too much in the background in the whole encryption debate), and how he convinced everyone at the C3S to use GPG (he sent a forged email to an internal mailing list pretending to be someone else).

Meik Michalke: @yrlaNor
Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S):


Author & Camera: Neal H. Walfield
Editor & Graphics: Raphael Schauff

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