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GnuPG Stories: John Pershing from 1010data

Consider donating to GnuPG, which so many from activists to companies rely on.

In this interview, 1010data’s John Pershing talks about the use of GnuPG at 1010data, a big data analytics company. 1010data uses GnuPG in two main ways: customers encrypt their data using GPG before sending it to them, and 1010data uses GnuPG to sign their tools and other assets. 1010data turned to GPG, because they wanted something that was already widely used, works on many platforms, is easy to work with and is reliable. GnuPG, Persching concludes, has met those requirements: „GPG hasn’t saved our butt yet, but the fact that it is there let’s us sleep easier at night.“

1010data: @1010data


Author & Camera: Neal H. Walfield
Editor & Graphics: Raphael Schauff

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