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GnuPG Stories: Andrew Ford Lyons from Internews Europe

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In this interview, Andrew Ford Lyons, the global tech hub manager for Internews Europe, talks about how they do digital security training for independent media organizations (an important aspect is establishing a community of people who will use the tools), on teaching GPG (learning how GPG works develops an awareness of privacy and helps create a security culture, which does not happen with „it-just-works“-type of apps), the people that they are training (people in extreme situations, people with low-levels of infrastructure), the threats that they face (it is essential to encrypt even simple things like how a person should be paid), how people feel about GPG (there’s been a big uptake by journalists outside of western countries), how to experience different degrees of insecurity (cross different borders), how he uses GPG (not so much to protect himself as to do no harm in general), and the importance of GPG (“ I consider GPG to be infrastructure for any sort of organization’s reasonable communication model).

Andrew Ford Lyons: @drew3ooo
Internews Europe: @Internews


Author & Camera: Neal H. Walfield
Editor & Graphics: Raphael Schauff

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