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Greetings space fans!
We have had an exciting few months of dashing around the globe and sharing the story of Mission to the Moon.We’ve been in Adelaide, Australia to present our novel concept for LTE as a lunar surface communications solution at the International Astronautical Congress. Giving talks to 8th-grade students in Kansas, at the Innospace Weekend in Cologne, and our personal favourite – the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK – whose geodesic domes look like they could be a space base! (See image above.)
Moon Village Association Workshop
Members of the PTScientists team attended the first Moon Village Association workshop in Strasbourg last week to help shape their vision for the future. Although the Moon Village is still a very open concept, we believe that by providing lunar transport and payload delivery services, PTScientists could play a big part in making international lunar plans a reality.
For those of you as excited about Mission to the Moon as we are – we’ve got a treat in store for you! Well actually a whole variety of treats – all in our Official Mission Shop – where you can snag yourself anything from a super cool coffee mug, to a branded beach towel. (Fellow fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will know which is more important for space travel!)
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We love a good (space) party and were delighted to be invited to help celebrate the 50th birthday of ESA’s European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt. We took ALINA and the Audi lunar quattro along to join in the fun, and show the space agency what private space has to offer.
PTScientists HQ is in Berlin, and the city has decided to celebrate its reputation for innovation and ambition by featuring us in a new promotional campaign! Let us know if you see one of these posters out in the wild – send us a photo of you and the poster and we might just send you a little prize!

PTScientists Down Under

A few of our holiday snaps from IAC which took place in Adelaide this year. Local shops quickly caught on to the fact there were space people in town!

Back in the northern hemisphere we headed to Bremen for Space Tech Expo Europe, where CEO Robert spoke on a panel about commercial uses of the Moon and the rest of the PTScientists team tried to talk to everyone who came to visit ALINA and the Audi lunar quattro at our very busy stand! Space Tech Expo Europe was a great opportunity to showcase Mission to the Moon – and find some new partners and technical suppliers at the same time!

Our work on the mission continues apace, and we are looking forward to celebrating the 45th anniversary of  Apollo 17’s launch and landing next month. Look out for a special series of blogs on the PTScientists‘ website – and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We’re in the process of updating our company website and the site for Mission to the Moon and we’d love to hear your feedback about what you’d like to see from us. Let us know and we can do our best to deliver it for you.
We want Mission to the Moon to inspire people to think about careers in science and engineering, so we’re always keen to hear ideas about how we can do that best.